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We are planning consultants; we do planning.

Knowledge and intelligence are key to getting ahead of the game.

Town planning encompasses a broad area of expertise - we have experience of all areas of the system and deliver best value when involved from the outset of a project. We appreciate that securing planning consent can sometimes be risky; a solid planning strategy, agreed early, can make all the difference and will help to manage project costs.

It's about much more than submitting a planning application.

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Appraisals and due diligence
The planning process
Other development consents
Public consultation and community engagement
Plan representations
Inquiry and expert witness
Asset planning

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Economic impact
Retail impact assessment
Housing assessments
Environmental impact

“Indigo Planning assisted in a successful outcome for a high profile retail development for Sainsbury's and Melton Mowbray through open and responsive consultation with the Local Planning Authority”

Matthew Nicholson
Regional Town Planning Manager, Sainsbury's Supermarkets